14 Symptoms Linked to Tall Boyfriends

Dating a tall boyfriend can be a unique and delightful experience. While height may not be the most critical factor in a relationship, it can bring certain quirks and situations that are worth noting. Here are 14 symptoms commonly linked to having a tall boyfriend:

Neck Strain

Constantly looking up at your boyfriend can cause mild neck strain. It’s a minor inconvenience but something to be mindful of during prolonged conversations or activities.

Wardrobe Adjustments

Tall boyfriends often come with longer limbs, which means sharing clothes, especially hoodies and jackets, can be a cozy but oversized affair.

Increased Sense of Security

Many people feel an enhanced sense of safety and protection when they are with their tall partner, as height often gives an impression of strength and security.

Difficulty Finding Suitable Furniture

Standard furniture may not always accommodate your tall boyfriend comfortably, leading to challenges in finding a perfect fit for beds, chairs, and couches.

Public Attention

A significant height difference can draw attention in public, sometimes resulting in curious glances and comments from strangers.

Height-Based Jokes

Friends and family may frequently make jokes or comments about the height difference, which can be a source of amusement or occasional annoyance.

Struggle with Photos

Capturing both of you in a single frame can be tricky. Creative angles or squatting might be necessary for group photos and selfies.

Limited Legroom

Traveling can be less comfortable for a tall boyfriend due to limited legroom in cars, planes, and buses, necessitating the need for frequent stretching or upgrading to extra legroom seats.

Sharing an Umbrella

A standard-sized umbrella may not cover both of you adequately, leading to creative strategies to stay dry during rainy weather.

High Shelves and Cabinets

A tall boyfriend can easily reach high shelves and cabinets, making them convenient for accessing items stored out of reach but also for stowing things you might struggle to get down.

Awkward Hugs and Kisses

Hugs and kisses can require some adjustment, especially if there is a significant height difference. Standing on tiptoes or bending down becomes part of the affectionate routine.

Adjusting the Car Seat

Driving a shared car often means adjusting the seat position drastically between your settings and those comfortable for your tall boyfriend.

Increased Hunger

Taller individuals generally have higher caloric needs, which might mean your boyfriend has a robust appetite, leading to frequent meals and snacks.

Long Strides

Walking together might require you to pick up the pace, as taller people naturally have longer strides, which can lead to inadvertently speeding up to keep pace.


Having a tall boyfriend comes with a mix of delightful and challenging symptoms, from physical adjustments to social dynamics. While these symptoms are often minor, they add a unique flavor to the relationship. Embracing these quirks with a sense of humor and adaptability can strengthen your bond and make your partnership even more enjoyable.

How can I avoid neck strain when talking to my tall boyfriend?

Try sitting down for longer conversations or ensure proper neck exercises to alleviate strain.

What are some creative ways to take photos with a height difference?

Use stairs, benches, or creative angles to minimize height differences in photos.

How can we manage legroom issues while traveling?

Opt for seats with extra legroom or plan breaks for stretching during long trips.

Any tips for dealing with height-based jokes?

Embrace the humor and respond with light-heartedness. Setting boundaries is also important if it becomes uncomfortable.

How do we adjust to different walking paces?

Communicate and find a pace that works for both. Occasionally, holding hands can help synchronize your steps.

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